Orange Woodworks takes every step to meet
our customer's vision

Our step-by-step process starts with one of our knowledgeable sales people working with the cutomer to exchange ideas, developing an overall scope, budget, and time line for the project.

We then proceed to produce drawings with the latest computer aided drafting programs. A trip to the job site will familiarize us with the field conditions and will allow us to take measurements of areas we will be working with. At times when conventional measuring techniques fall short, we are equipped with a state-of-the-art laser templating device that has provided us with a much more efficient and accurate way to measure unique field conditions.

The customer is provided a set of drawings to be reviewed. Sitting down with the customer at this stage gives us the opportunity to discuss value engineering options and alternatives to help reduce costs.

With the customer's approval of the drawings, construction begins. By keeping ourselves at the forefront of technology, our CNC machining center and other automated machinery accelerates the production process while still maintaining a superior product at an affordable price. Our experienced custom department ensures that our client's investment will have the quality look and feel of fine craftsmanship that is synonymous with Orange Woodworks products.